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OJ Biotec (Biosmart) 10.1 Series - Complete Set Ribbed OJ Biotec (Biosmart) 10.1

Replacement set consisting of:
4 x Coarse/Blue Ribbed
4 x Fine/Red Ribbed
1 x Extra fine/Blue

Filter sponges from OJ FIlters

The filter sponges have a perfect fit that will perfectly match the filter system for which the OJ sponges are intended.

The coordination of the filtration density between the coarse and the fine filter sponge ensures the correct collection of floating dirt and the cultivation of bio-cultures in order to realize an optimal water management in combination with your filter system. In short, the solution for healthy water.

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Replacing the filter sponges
We recommend that you gradually replace the OJ filter sponges with a running filter. Bio-cultures are present in your current filter environment that ensure the quality of your water. A balanced transition is therefore desirable.

The OJ Filter Sponges are supplied in resealable bags so that the filter sponge cannot be exposed to dust, vermin and other undesirables during storage and shipping.

OJ Biotec (Biosmart) 10.1 Series - Complete Set Ribbed OJ Biotec (Biosmart) 10.1

SKU: 7428474224266
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