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OJ - Pond Pump FTP-12000 ECO

OJ Selection offers you a range of quality pumps. This stream pump has a very low energy consumption with constant flow pressure. Energy savings of up to 40% compared to normal pond pumps. The waste basket has been completely modernized and has a rotatable hose tail. The dirt passage is max. 6 mm. The durable ceramic shaft gives the pump a longer life.

FTP-3200  30 Watt  3200 L/h 2.5 mwk
FTP-4600  35 Watt  4600 L/h 2.6 mwk
FTP-6500  65 Watt  6000 L/h 3.5 mwk
FTP-8500  95 Watt  8200 L/h 4.2 mwk
FTP-10000 120 Watt  9500 L/h 4.5 mwk
FTP-13000 130 Watt 13000 L/h 5.0 mwc

mwk: Meter water column, maximum inlet height or head
Information: column

Warranty period: 2 years

OJ - Pond Pump FTP-12000 ECO

SKU: 7428479854666
€148.50 Regular Price
€111.38Sale Price
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